My new book ‘Breakthrough A Testament of Faith’ is available now!

Jul 26 14

The first set of books are hot off the press! If you are going through something or have gone through something then you need to read this book. Without faith we are stuck and you need it to breakthrough whatever you are going through. Allow my new book ‘Breakthrough- A Testament of Faith’ written by Belinda Baker give you or someone you know the encouragement that is needed for faith renewal.




25% of all book sales go toward helping women of all ages. These women are suffering from domestic violence and substance abuse. The purchase of this book will help many women get their life back on track.


To purchase please send a check or money order to the following address:

Belinda Baker
9725 8th Ave
Inglewood, CA 90305

Special price
$12.95 plus tax & shipping and handling
All books are shipped within 3-4 weeks.

Grand Total  $16.95
Please include the address that you would like the book to be shipped to with your payment. Thank you for your support!

Changing Steps Residential Brochure

Jun 20 14


Executive Producer and Creator of “The Exchange!”

Feb 22 14

We have “The View,” we have “The Talk,” but are you ready for my new show “The Exchange?” Four pioneer divas meet contemporary divas to set the record straight and speak their truth! Are you ready for the behind the scenes exclusive? View it here first!


My new talk show airs tonight!

Dec 7 13

Christmas comes early this year. What do you get? Me! Not under your tree but on your TV screens. The affiliates who are airing my new talk show at 7pm are listed below. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think. Have a great day everyone!



WKNI Andalusia Channel 25.1 Households: 100,000


KMCA Chico Redding Channel 10 Households: 300,000


WBQP Pensacola Channel 12.1 Households: 250,000

WTAM Tampa Channel 30.2 Households: 300,000


Cable Vincient  Channel 21 Households: 35,000


KCTU Wichita Channel 43.2 Households: 380,000


K45IY Alexandria Channel 35 Households: 525,000

K31HO Shreveport Channel 31 Households: 450,000

K45IM Monroe / Bossier City Households: 600,000


WBY33, WHPR Detroit Channel 33 Households: 1,000,000

JSUTV Jackson City Channel 14 Comcast Households 1,500,000


KBSU Bemidji Cable Paul Bunon Comm Households: 200,000




WNCR Raleigh Channel 41.1 Households: 3,000,000

WNCR Wilson Channel 412 Greenlight Cable

WNCR Greenville Channel 20 Suddenlink Cable

WTMH Kingston Channel 21.3 Households: 700,000

WTMQ Kingston Channel 41.3 Households: 300,000

WTMV Kingston Channel 33.3 Households: 700,000


WCSN Columbus Channel 32.2 Households: 1,000,000


KVQT Houston Channel 21.5 Households: 2,185,260

KAOB Beaumont Channel 27.4 Households: 131,281


KWCC Wenetchee Channel 47.2 Households: 150,000

A Christmas Barbecue Bash!

Dec 1 13

I am providing transitional housing for young men and women who are pushed out of the foster care system prematurely. Since 2o% of these young men and women are arrested within a year of their release, I want to make a difference by providing them with skills that they’ll need for life. Be a blessing this season by donating to a worthy cause. More contact and instructional information concerning the event and donations are provided via the invitation below. Happy holidays and thank you everyone!  View the location via a map here.