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Read about Belinda Baker’s journey.

I've published ‘Breakthrough A Testament of Faith.’ My book chronicles my personal struggles and triumphs. It is a shear testimony for those who are in need of a little faith. Without faith we are stuck. To breakthrough whatever you are going through renew your faith and gain access to a whole new life. Learn more here.


Belinda Baker now has a new Indenpendent Living program for teens. Indenpendent Living's ultimate goal is help smooth the transition from foster care to life in the real world. Learn more here.

I'm in the process of publishing two books.‘Breakthrough A Testament of Faith’ chronicles my struggles and triumphs. The other book is called ‘No More Butterflies.’

Coming from Punch TV to Direct TV, the talk show Changing Steps with Belinda in November. Learn more here.


In June 2012, I was featured in the Music Issues of Ebony Magazine. 'Back from Crack' was the title the article and it detailed my life spiraling out of control and later founding my lifeline in rediscovered faith. Read the article here.


After closing the doors of Courage House in 2006, I acquired another outpatient drug program called Clean and Free for adults. My passion is to empower women, especially those in domestic violence situations, and to help as many people as possible refrain from drugs. To do this, I tell my story of triumph over tribulations, hoping to inspire others to succeed.


In 2003 I opened the doors to Changing Steps, a non-profit organization that offers outpatient drug programs, parenting classes to teenage mothers, counseling for domestic violence and anger management throughout the Los Angeles area. My programs also offer in home counseling for girls living in-group home environments. Additionally, I provide transportation for those without cars or means for public transportation and food for those who are hungry.


A year into my relapse I admitted myself into a Christian based drug treatment program. It was there I found God. After six months of intense treatment I emerged drug free and with a new purpose in life: to help others like me. I began working for a sober living organization and shortly after opened Courage House, a sober living home for women with children. At the time, there were virtually no sober living facilities in the Los Angeles area that accepted children. I housed over fifty women with children and over sixty percent returned to society successfully. The women credit my personal attention to their overall success.

I would frequently get personally involved in the lives of the people in my programs, often giving them employment when they were not successful finding it anywhere else. As a result, I have several employees that have been with me for almost two decades.


In 1991, six years after my first stint in rehab, I found myself in another mentally and physically abusive relationship. The abuse, combined with my inability to regain custody of my children after years of trying, and having three additional children to take care of became too overwhelming and I returned to drugs.


By 1985 my shaky relationship with the father of my children had gone from mental and verbal mistreatment to full on physical abuse. I found myself in an emotionally broken state, not knowing how to escape and too embarrassed and afraid to ask for help. With my sense of self worth completely depleted, I stayed in the relationship until he eventually left a decade later.

Vulnerable, and now a single mother with no support, I followed the bad advice of neighborhood friends and looked to make quick money by selling drugs. The male oriented, fast paced, high stakes world of drugs proved too dangerous for me and I abandoned it after my life was threatened.

Twenty-seven years old, a single mother of three, unemployed, emotionally raw from years of abuse and with very few resources, I met a man who introduced me to what would become my greatest downfall: crack cocaine. Having never taken even a sip of wine before the age of 27, I became a drug addict.

The drug became my catalyst for eventually breaking the bondage between me and all the overwhelming stress in my life. It also simultaneously brought on my biggest regret: losing my three children. Wanting more for my children and myself, I checked myself into a drug rehabilitation treatment facility after an eighteen-month drug binge. I underwent four months of treatment and remained drug free for six years.


AirForce I enlisted in the United States Air Force. After my military career ended, I continued my education by enrolling in college courses in Business Management, all while raising three young children and enduring a tenuous relationship with their father.


ManualArtsHigh I was born in 1958 in rural Mississippi but raised in Los Angeles, California from the age of eight on. The oldest of six, I became a teen mother at the age of 16. Stubborn and determined not to become a statistic. I completed high school on time, graduate class of 1976 from Manual Arts High in Los Angeles Ca.